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Build Policy

Country of Origin

All of our products, without exception, are designed and built in the USA (Palo Alto, California to be exact). We do not buy cheap products from other countries and then sell them to you under the guise of "handmade". Our items truly are handmade, and are built in America, by Americans. We even source our wood from an American supplier (Phoenix, Arizona). So when you buy an item from Julian's Wood Factory, you can rest assured that what you are getting is 100% American. We note this with no offense at all intended toward our friends and neighbors in other countries. If you live in Europe, or on any other continent, and want a wood product that is genuinely American, then you've come to the right place.

Woods Used in Products

We use solid wood in all of our products, at all times. Preferably, we always try to use hardwood that is sent to us "rough" so that we can plane and joint it ourselves. There are, however, a few exceptions. We do use plywood for the lids of some of our keepsake boxes to reduce the likelihood of warpage and provide a better experience for you (a lid that isn't bent, however slightly, will slide easier for example). We do use plywood for the bottoms of some of our keepsake boxes to reduce the ship weight, and the handling weight for you once you put it into use. We always use furniture grade plywood, which is solid veneers of oak, birch, or maple that are glued together with opposing grains to increase strength and decrease warpage. We also will occasionally use a soft wood, such as pine, if we feel it is a better fit for the specific product and it's intended use. We do not use particle board, or any of its man-made derivatives, ever.

Joinery and Aesthetics

We love technology, and use it whenever possible, but we are mostly old school when it comes to wood joinery. We always use traditional joinery methods, such as box "finger" joints, to achieve a level of aesthetics that simply isn't possible with nails and screws. All of our joints are glued and clamped to achieve sturdiness, and this is typically stronger than a nail or screw anyway. Now there may be times when a customer specifically requests the use of nails or screws for a particular reason, and we are open to that possibility. Please just rest assured that our default is to always build beautiful joinery that is not only strong, but a joy to look at as well.

Payment Policy

Order Confirmation

You will receive an automated order confirmation from us immediately following the processing of your order (you should land on a order confirmation page once you submit your order). If you don't receive the email confirmation, please check the spam/junk folder of your email provider. Although we've taken every necessary step to ensure that our email server is not labeled as a spam server, please understand that some email providers are overly aggressive with their filters and may filter us out anyway. If the confirmation isn't in the spam/junk folder, please contact us via our email form and we'll check the status for you.

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards via Stripe payment processing, which is integrated into our site. If you prefer, you may also pay using Paypal by sending us a custom order request via email (Please use our email contact form). Your payment is processed immediately upon a successful order submission. We do not store-or see-any of your payment details, the sole exception being your contact details. Your payment info is transmitted directly to Stripe from your computer or mobile device.

U.S. Taxes

Orders shipped to California addresses are subject to a sales tax rate of up to 9.25%, depending upon where you live in California. We are located in Palo Alto, which is located within Santa Clara County, and thus subject to district taxes in addition to the statewide general sales tax rate. If you live within California, but aren't located within Santa Clara County (example -your house is located in Alameda county), then the state-wide sales tax rate of 7.25% will be applied to your order. The appropriate taxes are calculated automatically when you submit your order for processing.

Orders shipped to any state other than California will not be charged sales tax (tax = $0).

Customs, Duties, and Taxes

If you are ordering from outside the US, you are responsible for any customs duties and/or taxes imposed by your specific country. This is a variable that we can't control or predict unfortunately.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel an order if you contact us within an hour of placing your order (please use our email contact form).

Shipping Policy

Processing Time

The processing time (time to make, pack, ship) varies from item to item. Please see the individual product listing for its specific processing time. Please also note that we are primarily a made-to-order shop, which means that most of our items are built specifically for you after you place an order.

Shipping Methods

The default shipping configuration for all listings within this shop are as follows:

Free Shipping Methods

All listings with a stated shipping cost of $0.00 (free shipping) have a default shipping configuration as follows:

Number of Items Shipped

The default shipping configuration is for one (1) item only, as most items are better off if shipped by themselves (one item = better packing protection). The sole exception are "bundles" that are pre-configured by us and listed/described as "multiple items".

Other multiple item options are available, however. For example, if you need two different items shipped together (different item type, not different customizations) or two (2) or more of the same item shipped together, we can create a custom shipping configuration for you in order to save money. Please contact us and we'll create a custom order for you with multiple items shipping included.

International Customers

You are responsible for any customs duties and/or taxes imposed by your specific country. We unfortunately can't control these variables or any shipping delays that result from customs.


We insure all packages at no additional cost to you. No need to worry about shipping damage-we've got you covered!


You will receive a shipment confirmation via email once your shipment is in route and the appropriate tracking number will be provided to you.

Refund Policy

Return Policy

You may return an item within 14 days of the shipment date, as long as the item is in new/unused condition with the original packing material still intact. We stand behind all of our items. If you aren't happy with your purchase, we aren't happy.

Customized Item Exception

The above return policy does not apply to any customized item that was personalized for you. Customized items are not returnable (items with customized dimensions only are included in this exception).

Custom Orders

Custom orders are not returnable or eligible for a refund in any way, as they are customized items and fall under the customized item exception.

Return Shipping

Unless your item(s) was damaged due to carrier neglect or improper packaging, you must prepay the shipping for your return. If your item was damaged for the previous reasons, please contact us and we'll provide further instructions.

Please Let Us Know

As mentioned above, you must return an item at your own cost, unless it was damaged in shipping. Once you receive a tracking number, please let us know so that we can track and look out for the return. Please do not send returns without contacting us first.

Damaged/Lost Items

If your shipment is damaged upon arrival or lost in transit, please contact us immediately and take pictures of any damage. We'll either send you a new item, or refund your purchase in full. If your parcel was damaged due to shipping, you need to notify us of this situation the day you receive your items. If you don't contact us the day you receive your parcel, we'll assume no damage occurred and that the parcel arrived safely and intact.

Manufacturing Defects

We are human and sometimes make mistakes or miss problems, so on extremely rare occasions you may experience a manufacturing defect with your item. Furthermore, because wood is a natural product that reacts to its environment, the shipping process may also contribute to defects in some rare instances (packages stored in cold/hot warehouses can cause wood movement/separation). Again, these are not common scenarios, but they can happen sometimes. If you believe that your product arrived with a manufacturing defect, you must report the defect within twenty four (24) hours of receiving your order. You may be asked to provide a picture or thorough description of the problem, after which we will determine how to proceed (refund, new item, no refund or item) on a case by case basis. Moreover, you may be asked to return the item with shipping prepaid before a new item or refund is sent out to you (you will be reimbursed after the defect is verified). After the twenty four (24) hour window expires, we will assume that your item arrived without manufacturing problems and will only be able to offer you possible solutions to carry out on your own.

Delivery Attempted

For manufacturing defect reporting purposes, once the parcel tracking page description states something like "Delivery Attempted", we will consider it the same as "delivered". The reason for this is we can't control the environment the carrier stores the parcel in during the time period between the first delivery attempt and your final receipt of the package. A storage environment with temperature extremes can cause wood movement that is beyond our control. It is important for you to keep track of the shipment using the provided tracking number and immediately pickup the parcel from the carrier if you miss the initial delivery.

Wood Movement/Warranty

Wood is a natural product that can move slightly over time, typically in response to the environment (this is why wood framed doors that close well today can rub and close poorly tomorrow). As a result, our wood products have no warranty and are not returnable after the standard 14 day return window. If a manufacturing defect, such as a stiff lid slide caused by lid warping or wood separation at the joints, isn't reported within the twenty four (24) hour window for defects, then we'll assume the problem is the result of natural wood movement and will offer suggestions only on how to correct the problem. We apologize for this, but it is simply the nature of wood itself and is beyond our control.

Sliding Lid Maintenance/Problems

Sliding lids require routine maintenance. Problems caused by routine maintenance factors are not manufacturing defects. A poor lid slide caused by lid warping, on the other hand, is a manufacturing defect if it is present when the box arrives and reported within twenty four (24) hours.

Refund Policy

You will be refunded the full amount of your original purchase within 5 to 10 days after we receive the returned item in new/unused condition with the original packaging. Original shipping is not included in the refund. We only refund shipping if the return is the result of our own error.

International Returns

The return policy applies to international orders as well. Basically, if you can get the item back to us, we'll refund your original purchase (not including any shipping charges-subject to the customization exceptions listed above).

Additional Information


The listed dimensions are always minus (-) 1/32nd to 1/8th of an inch due to final machining and sanding. In other words, the item starts at the listed dimensions, but a tiny amount of material is removed during the build, which results in final dimensions that are smaller by a tiny fraction (not noticeable without a precise tape measure). If you need this minuscule amount of variance removed to arrive at an ultra precise dimension, please request a custom order for the listed item.

Customer Provided Images

If you provide an image file for engraving, please note and understand that some minimal amount of scaling is necessary to fit your image to the product you purchased. Scaling is a minor modification of the image that can sometimes change the image in very minor ways (unnoticeable to most individuals). If you feel that the original dimensions/proportions of your image(s) need to be followed exactly, you'll need to specify exact, real world dimensions (inches) to help us transfer your image onto the real world product that you purchased. If you don't specify dimensions in inches within the order notes or custom order listing, then your image will be scaled using our best judgement.

Custom Font Requests

Custom font choices must be specifically stated within the order notes or custom order. Font choices not specifically stated may not be used on your order. Please double check the order notes or the custom order listing.

Product Changes

Occasionally we make minor changes to product dimensions that may affect the interior/exterior dimensions by a tiny amount (1/16th to 3/8ths of an inch). These changes are always carried out in an effort to improve our products and usually result in a larger interior dimension for you. If you feel that this could be a problem for you, please make a note on your order that you need ultra precise dimensions with no variance.

Custom Orders

If you need a listed item customized in a way not mentioned in the listing (different size, color, more/less machine work), please contact us via email (please use our email form) and we'll quote you a price. If you need a custom item not listed on our website, please contact us immediately. We may be able to make it for you!

Custom Quotes

If you request a custom order via our automated website email, and we provide a custom quote for you in response, that quote will be good for one (1) week following our response. After a week has passed, you'll need to submit a new custom order request to get a current quote. This is unfortunately necessary as the cost of materials, such as hardwood, can change from week to week.

Engraved Branding/Manufacturing Information

Please note that all items sold in our shop are engraved with manufacturing information-typically our company logo-in an inconspicuous place (usually the item bottom).

Color/Grain Variations

Solid wood is a natural product that has variations in color, grain, and porosity that we have no control over. As a result, the product you receive may vary slightly from the sample model pictures provided with each listing. Moreover, we are constantly improving our products and learning from experience, so certain build characteristics-such as grain direction-may vary from sample model to the finished product you receive. Please note that the variations mentioned here are for the most part insignificant. However, you should be aware of them.

Stain Penetration

Stain absorbs into each piece of wood-and each wood species-differently. As result, your product-or custom product and engravings-may have slight color variations, which are generally not a problem and unnoticeable by most people. This situation is completely beyond our control and not a valid reason for a manufacturing defect return.

Use of Wood Filler

Because wood is a natural product, it has inherent imperfections-such as occasional knots-that must be filled with wood filler and then sanded. Moreover, the machining process itself sometimes creates small imperfections (known as "tear-out") that must also be filled with wood filler. Since wood filler isn't wood, it takes stain slightly differently than wood fibers, and as a result, may in some cases remain slightly visible under certain lighting conditions. This is not a defect and totally beyond our control (it is also unnoticeable to most individuals). It is simply the nature of wood and wood fillers.

Computer/Mobile Device Screen Color Variation

Computers of all shapes and sizes-desktops, phones, tablets-represent image colors in their own unique way. This is due to variations in screen technology and screen manufacturer. As a result, the color on the sample images may vary slightly from the product you receive. This effect-sometimes present and usually insignificant to most people-is unfortunately beyond our control.